capable of research & development, manufacturing, marketing & sales, and after-market
service for all its equipment. It is a high and new technological company at Chinese national
level. AoNeng for many years committed itself to electric power, construction, logistics, and
urban public transportation sectors. It is a major supplier of integrated power supply, electric
vehicle (EV) charging stations, and other new energy system solutions for various business

Based upon extensive and years of technological accumulation and engineering ingenuity
(innovation), AoNeng has developed a full line of products for EV charging stations. For AC
charging station, its output power varies from 3.3kW single phase to 84kW three phase with
dual connector. For DC charging station, the product ranges from 7kW output power for mobile
charger to 1.28 MW for flexible group charging power cabinet. The installation method varies
from mobile to wall mount, to pedestal mount, and concrete pad mount. Our products are able
to fulfill the charging needs for passenger EV cars, electric buses, logistic delivery vehicles and

Over last 21 years, AoNeng has done independent research and development and gained many
core technologies in many areas. Currently its R&D team composed of more than 80 high-tech
talents with advanced professional degrees such as PhD’s, Masters and etc. Aoneng Power has
a complete R&D and manufacturing system. It has passed the industry OHSAS18001, ISO9001,
ISO14001 and other system certifications. AoNeng’s major product line of charging stations in
American, European, Indian, Chinese GB/T standard has passed product and industrious testing,
we have achieved certifications as: IATF16949, CE, ETL, etc.

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